Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I love the songs of the past..
Actually it has much more meaning than the songs today.
Moreover, it reminds me of the good memories of the younger worryless days as a kid.

Don't you agree?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


HELLO! Well, lately, I haven't been blogging much, and so lazy to.
I just don't understand how I got motivated last time.
Soo, I had a small hangout with my best buddies as usual. *LDBFFL :)

In the morning..

Janice arrived to my house, then Wendy and Shannon arrived as well.
NICE TOP, SHAN! HEEE *inside joke*

So, we went to Gurney to meet up with the rest, our first stop was Chillis, Chilis or however you spell that diner. LOL
Well, I don't quite enjoy the food there but whatever, I wasn't very hungry as I can remember..
So, we ate mash potatoes, spaghetti which tasted like tomatoes and water (sorry I'm a little disgusting and tend to make people gag LOL) and uhh. some other stuff, chicken crispers and stuff.

Yeisha, Ivy and Erica later arrived.
We had loads of fun girly talk like we always do, since primary school.
Sadly a few couldn't attend, Nicole Ooi, Denise, Fen.. Haha. We miss you guys!
Erica however did not make any eye contact and was just plain SLEEPY. GRR* HAHA.

My best friend slash wife JANICE!

We later headed to Toys R Us.
Toys R Us was crazy fun. We got stopped heaps by those cashier people like EYYY, STOP THAT YOOO. LOL.

I have no idea why Wendy kept tagging a CERTAIN SOMEONE in this picture. HUH WENDY?

Shannon and I even got a zoo (below) HEHE

Then after that, ZANNY came! Danielle :) It was fun!
We even exchanged shoes! LOL

Then we hung out, and then checked in the hotel after that. WE SAT IN THE BOOT OF THE CAR DUE TO LACK OF SPACE! But it was all good fun :)
When we checked in, it was like .. boring-ish. So Ivy and I went swimming while the others went for McDonalds. UH, YOU YOU GREEDY PEOPLE LOL! Danielle went home shortly after (meanie)
Then, Ivy and I went back to the hotel room, so we could shower.
SO, Nicole goes to shower while all the sneaky eaky people do their sneaky business.
I was like showering right and they kept asking me " ARE YOU DONE ARE YOU DONE IVY'S GETTING REALLY COLD AND PURPLE. " Rushing me you know! Sooo, obviously a good friend like me ran out in my TOWEL and guess what?
Ivy wasn't purple... but THEY SUPRISED ME WITH CUPCAKES
AWWW, SWEET. I truly love you guys for all the effort, and sorry for my agitation when you guys asked so many questionss. HEH

Suprised IN MY TOWEL. What an exposed birthday picture, exposed but meh, memorable.

Soo nice! HEHE
Then we all took our showers and got clean..
And started getting hyper and turning the room upside down D:

FRAUD ! Just took this to replace the towel picture.

My hyper best friends :)
Then, my mom picked us up, we went back to my house to eat dinner.

Then, we went back to the hotel and Gurney.
Watched Midnight shows and had loads of fun talks and prank callls.
We went to sleep, then in the morning, some went home.
Went back to my place and watched The Proposal with Shannon.
Janice went home after a while.
Which was so sweet, pictureless.. but sweet :)
They bought me a cake which I never got to see, it's at Thanawat's place.
ANYWAY, went to Renee's house, swam with Eesa, Renee, Thanawat, Jason and two other guys.
Got a birthday hug from Nicolas awww, and ate burgers and stuff.
Went home after that.
Had 2 great days with all of you. LOVE LOVE
Thank you for always being there for me, all you besties mentioned.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another year? LIKE WHAAAT

Time is seriously flappin' it's wings, all happy, flyin' around AND at a very fast speed.

It seems just yesterday I celebrated my birthday, I could remember exactly what happened, where, and well, especially the sweetest moments that matter most, to me of course.
It was well spent with my family last year, could not plan a party, exam was super near!

And, it 's coming, again!
AGAIN! SO SOON, and since PMRs over, I made plans!
I made plansss! :)
Well, last year wasn't too good, well it was very special though, causeee of some reasons.
Especially the fact that it was spent with my dear family.
Will update on my bday party, promise. I GOT A CAMERA P.S! :)

HI! Wrong emotion..
TO BE FRANK.. I forgot about this blog, which kind of makes me sad, I put so much effort in it before..
But now, since freedom slowly approached, well, I meant .. FREEDOM IS HERE. :)
And, I'm happy about it! I never went out in like so long till recently!
I went to Eesa's house yesterday! SO FUN!
Okay I kinda forgot on how to blog, don't blame me, I haven't blogged in ages..
Hmm, yeah so went there after school! No wait, i didn't go to school.. Or did I..

It's three. Well, there are more. But yeh, EESA DIDN'T UPLOAD THEM. Thaz bout it

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I am so ticked off right now.
I just wrote a long post on everything but my internet connection got lost..
This is torture, for real.

I am

Current mood: TICKED OFF !!!

God bless you guys :)

18 days to PMR.

very worried, very very worried

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

misses the you so much.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


hello world :)
hows everyone doing? Yes, you do miss me!
anyways I would just like to tell you guys that I'll be back as soon as PMR is over
Wish me luck, may Jesus be with you.

Saturday, August 1, 2009



My blog is

officially dead.
I mean it looks dead, yeah.. Seems dead... is... dead.
Anyhooo, I'd just like to point out something to each and everyone of you.
Yes, I'm facing my PMR and trials are nearing.
I used to be all scared and you know worried.
But this verse in the Bible really you know, helped me.
It said:

"Worrying keeps you from doing your best today and shows your lack of faith. Just believe in the Lord, surrender all your problems in Him and He will bless you. Just trust in the Lord, Jesus !"

Not exact words but still.. I added in stuff but it practically meant that.
This really helped me through it and now it's easier for me to go through each day.
Cause I know and believe Jesus is there for me to pick me up when I fall. He loves me.
He loves you too.
So, good luck for your exams people and the rest of your lives.
Whatever problems you encounter, just believe..


Friday, July 3, 2009

Random thought, and a lesson from church

I've learned something important in church the other day.

My pastor threw a question at us last Sunday;
" Why is Michael Jackson, the King Of Pop so celebrated but not the King of EVERYTHING, Jesus? "

That really got me thinking. It should've got you thinking too. And NO, I am not saying that it is wrong to be all hyped about MJ's misfortunate event but isn't it only right to glorify the King of ALL THINGS, who died for us on a cross ?

I'm not saying MJ isn't imp or something, but it hit me,

Why isn't Jesus important to us as well?


Thursday, July 2, 2009


I've never been a fan of Michael Jackson really.

Until he passed on, he began to be appreciated more by many.

I actually youtube-d some of his videos, and boy is he amazing !

Well, I'm not to say a fan but hey MJ is quite a talent there ;)

Do check out his Billy Jean performance. His signature moves are so original.

He will be remembered, now and forever.

May Jesus bless you.


1958 - 2009


my blog is currently a complete bore.

Even I can fall asleep looking at it..

It's truly sad that I can't go on the computer much.

I do have things to update on, probably neglect them even after my exams.

There's just too much to update.

Well, it's four fifteen in the morning, I have to get up early tomorrow.

Exams less than a weeks time.

I'm pressured.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So I'm pretty much inactive again, my blog visits thing also decreased and is so little.
Yes, I know why too, cause my blog went all boring again.
That's cause my parents don't really allow me to go out anymore, because of the exams coming up.
Secondly, because I have never ever been so err, 'rarely using the computer-ish' than I am now.
I rarely use the computer nowadays so yeah.
Well, all I can say is that my blog will be back maybe after PMR, maybe in between like I'll update a little here and there, but mostly nothing much.
I am currently inactive, not fully inactive, I will have updates but not as frequent due to exams and stuff.
But still, keep reading, and I will inform you when there are new updates ! For sure yo ! :P

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


little retarded dog a while ago! :D
i love you Zoey!
I love you like you LOVEEEE MEEEE
random, poo 

Monday, June 8, 2009

Think before you buy, Nicole LOL

You know...

I soo don't care when I pick phones, I'll go like Oh, yeh that's pretty -_-
Buy then I freaking regret !
Like now, take my phone for instance, I was all like " haa haa, yeah anything it's pretty "
When I buy phones, I'm feelingless.
I don't feel excited, well maybe a little bit, etc..
Obviously I'm not a technology person, but ahhh..
Especially when I see other people and their pretty phones, there I go..


I've promised over and over again;
Well I've promised myself to read the Bible constantly.
But it's been hard for me!! My laziness !! 
*God, please help me overcome this*
I want to know You more.
I want to experience You, Lord.
Lord, I need you.
You have never given me empty promises, I know so.
But how many have I given you?
I'm sorry, but You still love us just as much as anything in the world! 
And that amazes me, how much You forgive and forget, just because You love us.

Thank You, Jesus.
No more empty promises, I hope..
I WILL read the Bible!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You.

I just watched this movie with my sister and obviously I only comment on the shows that I really enjoy. Well, this is one of the ones I love most. Like remember when I commented on Twilight? Maan, I was soo obsessed. Well, now I'm obsessed about He's Just Not That Into You.
Yes, I am outdated.
This movie came out in the cinema a long time ago but as I recall, I was too busy on my exam preparation to even watch this. But I strongly recommend this movie. The second high recommendation in my blog. Well, not many of you trust my taste I reckon so I have to ask all of you to see for yourselves. Guys out there, this isn't you movie. Girls, you'll love this. Don't you? I'm probably the lastest one to watch it. My sister and I teared up. Man, such suckers, but it was soo sweet. Really.
Omg, I'm saying all these things and I'm not even sure you guys believe me!
Watch yourselves!!:P

Saturday, June 6, 2009



Today was rather boring day! Well, it was okay.. I guess. As I mentioned before earlier that my cousins were coming down to Penang right? Yeah my cousins have left. Well one family has. There's still one family. Anyway, I know normally people do not read these kind of posts.Pictureless days. But yeah, the main reason I blog is for memories. I wouldn't like go restart and make a new blog etc.. I mean what's the point? All the good memories, well.. Both good and bad moments are here. Never forgotten! I make sense..right?

I've got a question;
Why don't we know what we want sometimes?
it's soo fustrating and confusing!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lessons learnt.

You never know what you've got till it's gone ;

This is really true.
That's why we've gotta appreciate it while it lasts.

FRIENDS; no, not just friends, best FRIENDS ;

Yes, people go.
Everyone has to say goodbye someday..
Like now, as we're all having fun,
the sad truth and the question is;
How far can us childhood besties go?
I don't know.
I hope it's forever, I tell myself it's forever.
But the answer, uncertain.
In conclusion : appreciate what you have now, treasure all your moments w/ your bffs now..while it lasts.
Life is full of suprises.
Life can bring you to many places, but most importantly, teach you many lessons.
Lessons; you can learn and that can be kept inside of you for a lifetime.

..have fun along the way ;)
And here's a message to all my LDBFFLS,

Ever since o6, we all came together..
It started out like this, we all met each other in 6Biru.
We all were from different groups, some of us hated each other in the past;
But our bond grew stronger, yes hearts were broken.
But also mended :)
I feel so complete with you guys!
Hearts were especially broken when some of our best friends left..
Singapore, KL. ( Nicole Ooi, Denise )
And even one drifted apart due to the separation of classes.
Goodbyes, really hurt.
But I still love you guys.
We said 'forever' and FOREVER is what all of us are going to be.

We might drift apart, yes, but do know that you guys will always be with me.
In my heart, if not here with me literally, here with me,
In My Heart.
o6- forever.

School is a blast with you guys.
I love you guys. 

Monday, June 1, 2009

Random Thoughts..

Halo! :)
Sooo random, I decided to make a new header!
I think it's pretty! Hahah, perasan..
Ahh, the usuals.
My mom's side of the family came down, a lot of people are staying at my place.

I think my sister and I have temporarily give our rooms to them, for the holiday?
Haha, well not ALL the days of the holiday.
Anyway, enjoy my new and improved 'lively' blog -_-

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Enjoy your holidays to the FULLEST.
Have fun, do things that you cannot do when you have exams.
Or school!
Haha, so have fun ;)
I will be updating frequently, promise.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I know what you're thinking, finally..Some real posts.

Did you read my title?
Yes, a lot of people have been asking me to update.
" why your blog now so boring one "
FINEE, I'm back!! :D
Anyway, on Friday, it was Teachers' Day.
I didn't want to attend but was forced to, oh well, had to pass up KH folios.
Soo, wanted to see my best friends too on the plus side.
And Janice wanted two story books BADLY.
Haha, she's weird.

FIRST, we had to go to the hall to attend the boring assembly.
I enjoyed the presentation though, some were funny.
Got to see some funny teachers.. Kinda funny.

Most of the performances were Indian dances?
Oh yes, I cheered for Marina & Wendy's performance on " I Turn To You ".. Awesome job ;)
After that, we went for the, watching of sports?? Hahahaha.

Janice bids you good morning! Hahah

Erica says PISS OFF NICOLE. Whatt..:(

And she's all mysterious and all.. Yorr, YORR. HAHA

And she's just..thinking..again, after wishing you people good morning.

Then, Danielle and I went to the library, to finish up KH.
And then everyone else followed.


Wow wow, nerdy me.

Sorry Yeisha :)

Thanks for this photo Erica, you've just insulted someone.
You make me laugh, you shithead HAHA

KH, on Teachers' Day. WHAT?!

Thanks for making me laugh, Danielle.
Then, attended the Class Party!!

Me, Wendy and Marina :)
The balloon says " Mama Leong "
Huey Yuen arr..

After that, the lovely Pn. Jen (p.s/note the sarcasm) called us up to hantar our folios.
Had to re-do like 18439728048902 times okay! SO irritating my goodness.

Went to Gurney after that for Eesa's Birthday celebration.
Renee wanted to suprise Eesa, but I ruined it, sorry Renee ily!!
Don't have photos on this because I forgot to bring my camera, but oh well.. We watched Monsters VS. Aliens in 3D.
It saaarks, and I was so dizzy!
Stupid pointless movie, laughed most of the movie.
Not cause of the movie, but at Renee!
She came to my hse aft tht =D

Why so emo? BAHAHAA
Sarah and Matthew picked me later as in after dinner..
Went for Cell Group, then supper, then home.
Thanks Sarah and Matthew!
I missed you best buddy Sarah ;)
Pheww, updated finally.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Exam results are out, people!
Some, but yeah, I'm pretty okay with em'.
Did pretty bad for the stupid ones like P.E etc.. Blabla.
But I'm pretty happy with some tho :)
Yess, I wished Eesa at 12 a.m yesterday.
Everybody wish the Tenby person!! :P HAHA.

I'm more than happy to announce that our two week break is starting!!
Yes, I can finally BREATHE.
Free from folios, homework, drama..No wait, you can't avoid drama.
I'm sorry to those people whose holidays are about to end :'( 
Ahemm, Li Fen!! Hahah :D
See, who asked you to change schools?! See la now, people got holiday okay!
Regret regret? And and Eesa, Happy studying for ICGSE!!
What an evil post, omg.
I better change, I meant I'm sad for you guys okay.. Haha!
Yes anyway, break is here!! That means FULL ON BREAK, and FULL ON UPDATES.
read on, losers :P


Best friends, God's gift to us all..

Sometimes I think to myself, will all of us be best friends forever?

But...every doubt of mine will be gone when I'm with them.

Near or far, no matter if we drift apart..; 

Things will still be the same, well..Not exactly.

But, we would love each other the same.

This is just a special thank you.

To all my best buddies, I love you guys to the bitsiest bits!:)

My LDBFFL(Shannon,Li Fen,Wendy,Janice,Ivy,Danielle,Yeisha,Marina,Erica) We miss yuhh Cindy Denise and Nicole Ooi!!, Asschovies(Eesa, Renee), Jasmine. :) 

Family; Tania ( sister ) Tashieee ( cousin ) 

Always and forever.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Heyy, people :)
I KNOOOW, I have been very.. hmm, GONE. :D
Heh, anywayy, I don't feel the blogging feel anymoree.
But oh well, anyway...

Hmm, writers block..

Anyway! I would like to wish all my fellow lovely friends a joyful birthday.
Anyway, May has been a hectic month, the preparation for examinations, maan.
I had to go completely inactive, I think I've lost my blogging touch.
I feel the sudden urge to watch Hercules.
Anyway, my honey Asschovies have the birthdays with the same month!
P.s/ I love you Eesa and Renee.
Renee's birthday was on the 14th and Eesa's is coming up! 28th!:)

I probably should get going,
More to come, on Eesa's bdaaeee

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Anyway, I'm baaack!

Monday, May 4, 2009

I will be back.

I'm taking a Bloggers Break.
Ever heard of it? I just created a new status! 
Anyhoo, as you have read on my title, I'm taking a break.
Not a long one, but just a temporary one until things cool down.
I haven't have had the time to balance out things.
But I'll be back, most probs after our Mid Term.
That's in two weeks, so I'll be back then :)
In two weeks or so..
Do miss me, and wish me luck for my coming exam!
I'm gonna miss this blog, I just haven't got the time..
But I will make the time.:)
I promise to, all of you! Haha.
Till then, loves.

..for two weeks ;)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


this is bad.
Just when I had gotten the free time to update my blog, and the mood,
my camera runs out of battery.
Hooray to no pictures.
Meh, maybe on Saturday then
I actually HATE cats.
If not tons, still, quite a truckload of hate.
BUT, when I went to London to visit my family, they had a cat :) which I learned to love.
It should have felt special because, it was the first ever cat I held, or even got close to..
Haha, PEPPER, or PEPER ..I dont know but I miss it.

The night before we left :(

Hours before the airport :(

You're looking at me, I'm looking at youuu..

You're the gayest cat I've ever met :(

Hahaha, missss me you sucker :D
Kidding, I truly miss 'em.
And my dad haha told me : Woww, Nicole. You got over your cat phobia.
*Nicole sees another cat in Penang*
OK, so I haven't gotten over that phase. But :)) Haha, it's okay.
At least theres ONE cat I love.
And my family over there too, love you guys loads.